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We are offering racquet stringing services and selected tennis merchandise for sale (curbside pickup only). A team member will get in touch to explain the process and make arrangements with you.

Racquet stringing

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Curbside pickup available at store. Tennis balls by the can or case are available. For other merchandise, please tell us what you are looking for and we will try to accommodate you.

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The Racket Doctor’s expert staff has vast experience in all facets of racquet sports. They can help you choose a new racquet for yourself or your family, and show you the latest equipment, string, clothing and shoes.

Browse our store for the latest gear, clothing, shoes, hats and accessories, at prices below retail.

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expert stringers

We’ll help you select the perfect racquet for your game


The latest tennis clothes from stylish brands. Outfit yourself or your team!


Store is conveniently located in trendy Atwater Village near Silver Lake, 10 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles


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